Projector Accessories

Evaluate the competitive prices of Projector Accessories and buy the affordable projector accessory from the JYOTI CHEMPORIUM, Overhead Projector Accessories Suppliers from India. We provide most dynamic range of LCD Projector Accessories that are superiorly hi-tech with advanced technological features. We provide projector screens, projector cases, LCD televisions, AV cables and lot of other allied accessories for the different users. Whatever your needs, we have an extensive range of projector accessories for every requirement. Now you will get more bright visual appearance from our quality products, because we deliver only branded, hi-tech and quality Video Projector Parts to our customers. So don’t wait for any more, order your product NOW!


Product Portfolio :-

  • Document Camera : Mega power Model : MVP 230 / 231
  • Splitters : VGA Splitter Cards , HDMI Splitter Card, USB Splitter,
  • Cables : VGA Cable, Video Cable (RF Cable), HDMI Cable, Power Cables,
  • Ceiling Mount Kits: 1+1 Feet to 3+3 Feet extension.
  • Motorised Lift : Can hold load up to 8 KG specially made for False Ceiling.
  • Bare Projector Lamps : Total Solutions for 46 Brands / 1634 Models of LCD / DLP Projector & OHP & Slide Projector.
  • Laser Pointer cum PPT Presenter: Finger touch Mouse Control, Remote Laser Pointer with wireless mouse control.
  • Projection Screens: Starting sizes from 2×3 ft.  to 12×18 ft. approx..